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Josey George

Josey George

Creative Consultant

Josey George, the epitome of a creative consultant, navigates imagination like an artist and strategy like a business mogul. With a mind sculpted in the realms of design, a heart that beats for innovation, and a knack for transforming ideas into impactful realities, Josey weaves magic through his consulting prowess


Josey has been playing on the advertising turf since the time Dolly the sheep was cloned. Seasoned in the markets of Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and United Kingdom, Joseybrings to the table 25+ years of experience in advertising and brand management, creativestrategy, direction and execution. Currently based in England, hes an Adman who is a Creative Director & Consultant for multiple clients based in the United Kingdom and India.

His approach to understanding a clients needs comes from his insight-driven creative perspective combined with an insight-derived strategy execution and his experience of understanding what makes brands tick.

As a versatile and passionate creative, he’s handled a diverse brand portfolio of global and local clients, from Automotive, Education, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Leisure, Hospitality to Travel.

He has conceptualised and executed creative campaigns catering to a multicultural audience on multiple media platforms covering traditional and new age media. Over the years, if awards are a yardstick to go by, he has 6 awards won for a multinational client at their Global Brand Excellence Awards in Singapore and made it as a Shortlist and a Finalist at two regional Middle East advertising awards.

Though Josey is not from the Mad Men era, he is of Mad Men pedigree, where an idea rules. He believes in the simplicity of concepts and the power of an idea to propel a brand in its journey into consumershearts.

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If you are looking for a creative consultant with a wealth of experience and a proven track record, then Josey is a great choice. He is passionate about his work and he is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals.